From a legal standpoint, it is not the responsibility of an employer to ensure their employees have an enjoyable and pleasing workday each time they are in the office. However, it is their responsibility to ensure they have not created a toxic working environment that is determinantal to their employee's health, both physically and mentally. When an employer knowingly creates a hostile workplace, an employee has the right to sue. Learn more about what a hostile work environment looks like.

Sexual Harassment

Employees should not have to come to work and be bombarded with unwanted sexual advances. However, when this type of environment exists, and the employee notifies their employer of this activity, the employer must react. Companies that allow known perpetrators to remain employed with them or are accommodating to a culture in which managers and supervisors sexually harass their teams, for example, are considered complicit and, therefore, subject to legal action.

Discriminatory Actions

Working hard and having the credentials necessary to advance but being denied a promotion based on discrimination can put a significant mental toll on an individual. When an employer blocks an employee from advancing due to their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, or another factor, this is considered illegal behavior. If the employee can prove that their employer denied their advancement due to discrimination, they can file suit against their employer.

Work-Life Balance Infringement

Working does sometimes mean that you have to work outside of your normal working hours, such as if you are working on a major project with a quick deadline. However, work outside the standard office hours should be voluntary. Some employers will infringe on their staff's work-life balance and threaten to fire employees who are unwilling to work after hours without pay, for example. This infringement is an outright violation of employment laws and should be addressed and rectified.

Speak with Attorney

Successfully suing an employer for a hostile or toxic work environment is not exactly an easy process. The burden of proof rests on your shoulders, so you need to be able to prove your claims. For this reason, it is best to speak with an attorney and discuss your concerns to ensure that you have a claim and sufficient evidence to support it.

Remember, you should not be subjected to hardship in the workplace, so be sure to speak with an attorney about your concerns. Reach out to an employment attorney for more information.