Child support and health insurance may seem like two separate matters, but they're often connected in family court. That's because judges often consider the expenses each parent pays, such as health insurance premiums or daycare costs, when deciding on an appropriate child support award. In some cases, the noncustodial parent may be ordered to provide health insurance coverage for their kids in exchange for a deduction from their monthly child support payment.

If your ex refuses to provide health insurance for the children, you may want to consult with an experienced child support attorney. An attorney can help review your case and determine whether you have legal grounds to modify the order. This can happen if there has been a significant change in circumstances or if your ex is not providing insurance despite being able to easily afford or obtain it. Continue reading for more details about how a child support law firm can help with issues involving health insurance coverage.

1) Mediation for health insurance issues

Your child support lawyer can work with court-appointed mediators to negotiate an agreement between you and your ex. During mediation, your ex may agree to pay a higher monthly child support payment in exchange for waiving medical responsibility, or your ex may come up with a plan to stay on top of future medical expenses. If mediation proves successful, your child support attorney may be able to get a provision added to the custody and support order mandating that your ex provides health insurance for the children.

2) Litigation for refusal to provide medical insurance

If you are unable to reach a settlement through mediation, your child support lawyer may advise you to file a legal action in family court. Sharing your case with the judge could allow you to obtain an order that requires your ex to provide health insurance coverage for the kids. The judge may also order your ex to reimburse you for any medical expenses that you incurred as a result of their refusal to provide insurance.

3) Custody schedule changes

Sometimes an ex stops providing medical insurance because they lost their job or were demoted, making them unable to afford the premiums. Because of this, your ex may have a new work schedule that no longer works with the current custody order. Your ex may also need time to search for a new job, and the current custody order may make that difficult. In these situations, your child support attorney can help you work with your ex to create a new custody schedule that works better for everyone involved.

Having a dedicated child support attorney can make a big difference in your ability to obtain the best outcome for yourself and your kids. A lawyer can review your case, explain your options, and recommend strategies that might be effective in court.

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