Special education is available to children and young adults with special needs who can benefit from services custom-tailored to meet those needs. Many children receiving special education will undergo an evaluation and receive an IEP, also known as an Individualized Education Program. This program aims to help the child navigate the learning process while overcoming challenges to achieve goals. While these are mandatory for special needs children in a public school system, not everyone follows them, and that's when a special education lawyer would get involved.

How Will the Special Education Lawyer Assist Clients?

The lawyer will provide representation on behalf of the client, usually the child and their parents. For example, the parents may believe their child isn't receiving fair treatment and isn't receiving assistance under the IEP. In that case, they may request a meeting with the school administration and bring the lawyer with them to explain the importance of following the IEP and the legal repercussions that can occur if they fail to do so. Sometimes, getting a lawyer involved in the process will encourage the administration to take action and ensure the child receives the education they need and deserve. However, parents may consider filing a lawsuit if that doesn't happen.

Will a Special Education Lawyer Help with a Lawsuit?

An experienced special education lawyer can help families with lawsuits when they believe the school has continuously failed to help their child, despite being required to do so. For example, families may need to file a lawsuit against the school district in the area while providing their lawyer with a collection of valuable information to use as evidence. The lawyer can work with these families to gather evidence. In some cases, multiple families will get involved in the same lawsuit because their children with special needs were mistreated, and the administration repeatedly ignored the IEP for each child.

A special education lawyer is valuable in helping those with special needs receive a high-quality education. When that doesn't happen, these lawyers step in to represent the special needs children and their families, fighting for their equal rights and attending IEP meetings to ensure that things change for the better. Anyone with a special needs child who wants to have their child evaluated and then make sure the school abides by the IEP should consider hiring a special education lawyer. It's beneficial to have a legal professional involved in the process from the very beginning.

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