If you're a passenger involved in a serious auto accident, trying to recover damages can be complicated. An auto accident attorney can fight for your legal rights and help you command the largest settlement possible.

Here are just a few of the things to remember when working with an auto accident attorney.

Follow the Liability

The individual(s) who caused the auto accident bear the legal liability in the case.

  • Full Liability: If the police report lists a single individual for causing the auto accident, they will be responsible for dealing with the legal ramifications. In single-fault auto accidents, filing your lawsuit before other victims can be crucial. By filing your lawsuit before other victims, your auto accident attorney will first claim the assets awarded by the courts and/or insurance providers. In cases where the driver of the vehicle you were riding in is found to be solely responsible for causing the crash, you will need to prove that you took appropriate safety measures in the moments leading up to the accident. This can be very important if the driver claims that you distracted them or that you failed to take other safety precautions like wearing your seat belt.
  • Shared Liability: If the police report finds more than one individual at fault for causing the accident, your auto accident attorney will seek damages as they related to the percentage of blame each driver is given. For instance, if the driver of the vehicle you were riding in is deemed to be 60 % at fault in the accident, your auto accident will primarily focus their efforts on them. Because this can involve suing a friend and/or family member, working with an experienced auto accident attorney can help you separate your emotional attachments from the justice you deserve.

Insurance Settlements

Most auto accidents are ultimately settled by insurance companies.

  • Aggressive: Insurance adjusters are likely to offer you a settlement. If you agree to the insurance company's initial offer, you're likely to settle for much less than if you allow your auto insurance attorney to negotiate on your behalf. Once you retain an auto accident attorney, it's a good idea to avoid talking to anyone related to your case without having your lawyer present. Having this safeguard can prevent you from giving the insurance company or the other individual(s) involved in the case valuable information that they can leverage against you in court.   

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