Are you starting the process of filing for bankruptcy and need to find a lawyer? If so, it will help to ask the following questions during a consultation. 

How Many Years Have You Been Practicing Law?

Bankruptcy is definitely an area of the law where you want someone with experience. This is because there are a lot of rules regarding bankruptcy that need to be known, and you want an experienced lawyer that knows the ins and outs of all the laws. It's one area of law where you really want the most legal help because you can be denied a bankruptcy from happening. The automatic stay goes away, wages will start being garnished, and other things that impact you financially can all start happening. 

It is worth asking the lawyer about how many years they have been practicing law and how many cases they have taken on. You likely want a lawyer that has several years and hundreds of cases worth of experience before you decide to work with them. 

What Type Of Law Do You Specialize In?

It is always worth asking a lawyer if they specialize in the type of case that you are coming to them about. This applies to things like personal injuries, divorces, and especially bankruptcy cases. There may be lawyers that say they specialize in many areas of the law rather than just one. While the choice in your lawyer is ultimately up to you, it is worth thinking about what kind of area of the law the person specializes in. You may be comfortable with someone that works on a multitude of financial-related legal issues or want a lawyer that specializes just in bankruptcy.

Will You Receive Analysis Over Your Financial Situation? 

Part of using a lawyer for bankruptcy is that you are using them for guidance over what to do in your situation. Is Chapter 7 the best option, or is Chapter 13 going to work better? Should you not use bankruptcy at all? Knowing if you will receive guidance from your lawyer can help ensure they are a good fit.

How Much Will A Bankruptcy Cost?

Now is also the time to start discussing fees with your lawyer to get a good handle on how much it will cost. They should be able to provide you with a list of fees that you can expect to pay during the bankruptcy process, as well as an estimate of what the entire process will cost. You should also ask if you are required to pay a retainer for their services or if you pay for legal services as you go. 

Reach out to a bankruptcy law firm to learn more.