When a personal injury claim comes up, it's because of a serious injury that was caused by a particular party. Here are several major injuries that would make speaking with a personal injury lawyer worthwhile and potentially result in compensation.

Dog Bites

Some owners are pretty reckless when it comes to watching their dogs. They may let them roam freely in a public place, such as a park. If the dog is pretty aggressive, then that can lead to a serious dog bite.

If you were bit and the dog's owner was negligent in how they monitored the situation, that could make it necessary to talk to a personal injury lawyer. Dog bites can be pretty serious, often involving stitches, pain medication, and even amputation. You want a personal injury attorney to deal out justice in this situation. 

Back Injuries From Car Accidents

Vehicles are made with a lot of important safety features, but even still, major injuries can happen after a collision. One of the most common today is a back injury. If you ever experience a back injury because someone hit you on the road, then hiring a personal injury attorney is the best legal response you can take.

You'll end up working with a car accident injury attorney in particular, who will gather evidence and document the extent of your back-related injuries. Getting compensation for them is key because you may require surgery, which likely means you will have to go through extensive forms of physical therapy.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is when the normal function of your brain is interrupted. It can have all kinds of after-effects and can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it's because of someone's inability to take certain actions. For example, a property owner may not have maintained their sidewalks. Then you may trip and bump your head. 

If there is a party that should be held accountable for your TBI, then an injury attorney is needed so they can get your claim worked out sooner rather than later. TBI can seriously impact your finances, but a personal injury attorney can right these wrongs.

The list of injuries that might require help from a personal injury attorney continues to grow. As a possible victim, you want to know what injuries are appropriate for a personal injury attorney to handle. Contact a personal injury attorney for more information.