Ending a marriage can be among the most complicated and emotionally challenging tasks that you will have to do. Luckily, many couples will be able to utilize the option of filing an uncontested divorce. While this may be among the more cost-effective and faster options for ending a marriage, it is relatively misunderstood by many people.

Myth: A Divorce Will Always Be Extremely Expensive Due To Attorney Fees

Some individuals may assume that divorcing will always be prohibitively expensive due to the attorney fees that must be paid. Not surprisingly, this can discourage some individuals from pursuing this option. However, much of this expense will come from the sizable negotiations and court proceedings that a contested divorce can require. In contrast, an uncontested divorce will be far more affordable due to the fact that the attorney will be able to simply prepare and file the appropriate documents with the court. In addition to being a far more affordable way to end a marriage, this can also help with speeding up the divorce process so that both individuals can start building new lives.

Myth: Child Support Will Not Be Included In An Uncontested Divorce

If your marriage produced children, it will be vital to establish the rules and bounds for the custody of the children. Unfortunately, some individuals may assume that an uncontested divorce will be unable to be used by couples that have children. However, there is no reason that this could not also be handled as long as there are no disputes over the custody and visitation rights for the parents. In fact, this option can be preferred in many instances as it can avoid putting the child in a position where they must feel like they are choosing between the parents.

Myth: You Must Get Along With Your Ex To Be Able To Pursue An Uncontested Divorce

While it is generally easier to handle an uncontested divorce when the partners have a working relationship, it is not necessary for the couple to be amicable to be able to use this option. However, it will depend on the couple agreeing to the major asset division and custody concerns that may accompany a divorce. Additionally, both partners may have a strong incentive to minimize the costs of the divorce and to reduce the amount of time that the entire proceeding will require. Due to these factors, it is possible for a couple to utilize the uncontested divorce process regardless of their personal feelings towards each other. 

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