You don't need a lawyer if you are facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges. The circumstances of your DUI case determine how much you can benefit from your lawyer. Here are some of the circumstances, however, in which having a DUI lawyer will definitely help.

You Face Aggravated Charges

The consequences of an ordinary DUI conviction are bad; the consequences of aggravated DUI charges are even worse. Some of the things that can elevate your ordinary DUI to aggravated DUI include high blood alcohol content (BAC), DUI accident with injuries, previous DUI conviction, and DUI with a child passenger, among others. If you are facing such a DUI, you are better off with a lawyer because you have more to lose than someone facing ordinary DUI charges.

You Wish To Plea Bargain

Plea bargaining allows you to benefit from reduced charges and punishment in exchange for making a guilty plea. You don't need a lawyer to plea bargain, but you are likely to get a better deal if you have a lawyer. An experienced lawyer knows the types of deals similar cases have attracted in the past and has experience with such negotiations.

You Are Innocent

It is possible to be arrested and charged with DUI, even if you are innocent. Maybe you have a physical disability that caused you to fail the field sobriety tests, your test results were mixed up with those of another suspect, or you were subjected to a breathalyzer test using a defective device. In any of these cases, you won't get far merely by proclaiming your innocence. You need to show the court exactly what happened to prove your innocence. This is a complicated task that is best handled by a lawyer.

You Are Busy   

A DUI case process can consume a lot of your time. You may need to make court appearances and research your case. You don't have to do all these if you have a lawyer working your case. This can save you many resources and time if you are a busy professional.

You Are Headed For Trial

Lastly, it's also a good idea to get a lawyer if your case is headed for trial. Maybe you are not satisfied by the deal that the prosecutor has offered you, or the prosecution is intent on having you face a trial to get the maximum sentence possible. In such a case, a lawyer with trial experience is the best person to handle your case.