As a local Airbnb host, you know the importance of connecting with your guests. One way to do that if you enjoy painting is by hosting events where guests will paint while sipping on wine or a different type of alcoholic beverage. However, before you start offering this experience to guests, it's important that you understand the liquor licensing laws of your state. Here's what you need to do. 

Research Your State's Liquor Licensing Laws

You'll want to be sure to not break any laws that could have serious repercussions for your name in the Airbnb community. Research the liquor licensing laws in your state to determine whether or not you will need a license or a special permit. In most states, you are only required to have a license or a permit if you choose to sell alcoholic beverages.

What's tricky about this with a "drink and paint" experience is how your state may or may not see the alcoholic beverages as being sold. This usually depends on whether or not you charge more for customers who are consuming alcoholic beverages. Since it depends on specific state laws, consult with an attorney or someone who specializes in alcoholic beverage licensing and permits. 

Determine How Often You'll Host Experiences 

One thing that will definitely be helpful when consulting with an attorney or a specialist is to know how often you will host experiences involving alcoholic beverages. In some areas, only one-day permits are required. However, there may be some limitations such as you may only be allowed to have a one-day permit several times within a calendar year. 

If you decide that you would like to host "drink and paint" experiences on a regular basis, the safest thing for you to do would be to obtain a liquor license. Again, an attorney  or specialist will be able to guide you in the appropriate manner. 

Understand How Leasing Agreements May Affect Your License or Permit

If you have a lease agreement with a property owner where you host guests for your Airbnb business, you may need to have your landlord give written consent for alcoholic beverages to be sold as part of your application requirements to obtain a license or permit. 

In conclusion, make sure you do your homework and know what is required of you before you host a "drink and paint" experience as a way to make a profit and also to connect with your guests. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants.