Hiring the right process server to get your legal documents delivered in a timely manner is critical. If you hire the wrong person, you could end up facing unnecessary litigation delays (which equals unnecessary legal fees). You could also risk seeing the court dismiss your case entirely!

While a process server's fees are always a consideration when you're worried about expenses, it's important not to base your decision on who to hire on their fees alone. Instead, follow these three tips to make sure that you hire someone you can trust.

Comparison Shop For Quality Services

The average cost of a process server varies greatly between locations -- what's standard in one city can be completely outrageous in another town. Make some calls to various process servers and ask what their rate is for both routine services and "rush" jobs. Beware of any servers who offer a substantially lower rate than others. 

Good process servers aren't necessarily the least expensive. For the extra money, however, you often get more dedicated, tailored service, including attempts at multiple addresses and surveillance. That can be worth the money if you're in a difficult case.

Ask Questions About Backgrounds And Success Rates

Do a little digging into a process server's background before you hire him or her. These days, it can be relatively easy to look for reviews from previous customers online. You should also check their website and find out if they have any professional associations. Find out how much experience they have and what kind of success rate they claim.

Even the best process server is bound to have failures, so you should be suspicious of anyone who claims they never fail. You should also be concerned if a process server can't easily and quickly provide answers to your questions about what their company offers for their fees. Look for someone who is serious and professional about his or her job.

Look For Someone Responsive To Your Needs

You shouldn't have to worry about tracking your process server down for information. Find out how much communication you can expect from a server before you hire him or her. Look for someone who commits to making contact with you the moment that the job is done. Be wary of anyone who doesn't promptly return your phone calls or acknowledges your emails. If a process server doesn't give you his or her full attention prior to being hired, you can bet you won't get it after you hire him or her either.

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