Getting injured in a car accident is never an ideal situation. Seeking compensation from the insurer of the party at fault for your injures will need to be a priority in order to cover all of your damages. A settlement will need to be negotiated in order to reach an agreement. The following tips can help you settle at an amount that is ideal for your situation.

At the Scene

Immediately after the accident, you need to collect all of the information from the party at fault, considering you are not too injured to do so. Keep an eye out for witnesses and ask for their contact information should their testimony be necessary. You will need to work with the police that respond to the accident so that the report will reflect all pertinent information.

Be careful about what you say at the scene. If you make a remark that indicates that you are not hurt or the accident was no big deal, it could be used to downplay your injuries. This will result in a lower settlement.

The Offer

You will need to have an idea as to what your case is worth and how much money you are out. This will include your medical bills, medication, damages to your vehicle, and time away from your job.

Having all of this information will help you better understand what your case is worth. You can then specify an amount when writing a demand letter for your case. If the insurance adjuster provides you with an offer, you will have better leverage to negotiate.

Responding to an Offer

In general, insurance adjusters will give you a low offer initially. They may even deny liability. If this happens, remain calm. Instead, you will need to respond to the offer.

The first thing is to request that the adjuster provide you with justification for the offer. Write them down and pen a letter that responds to each one. Next, ask the adjuster about your letter. Should the offer not change, you can make a counteroffer to show that you are willing to compromise. You can request a smaller amount, but don't discount what your claim is truly worth.

If you are getting nowhere with the insurance adjuster, the next step is to have a consultation with lawyers, like Daniels Long & Pinsel. A car accident attorney will have the expertise and experience on insurance settlements. He or she will be able to thoroughly examine your case and communicate with the insurer to ensure you get a fair settlement for your injuries.