If your spouse moved out of your home and left you to raise your two young children by yourself, hiring an attorney will protect your rights and ensure that you receive the support that is needed to maintain your household and care for your children's needs. The following information will provide you with a brief overview of some of the points that will be discussed during an initial appointment with an attorney.

Alimony And Child Support

Bring along a copy of recent bills, including amounts paid for home owner's insurance, rent, car insurance, utilities, health insurance, clothing,  childcare, and groceries. If you and your spouse's name are both listed on the deed to your home or rental agreement, bring along the original document so that your attorney can make copies of it, along with copies of the bills that you have provided. Submit pay stubs to the attorney so that they are aware of the amount of money that you earn each month.

Your attorney will request information from your spouse or the lawyer who is representing them that will prove how much money they earn each month. During a scheduled court hearing, a judge will determine if you are eligible to receive alimony payments, which will subsidize the cost that you incur each month for basic living expenses. They will also determine how much money your spouse will need to pay to support your children. These payments can be garnished from your spouse's paycheck and sent to you directly. 

Primary Custodian And Visitation

After providing your lawyer with details concerning your daily routine and the responsibilities that you handle as a parent, they will prepare a case that will strengthen your resolve to be the primary custodian of your children.

During your initial court appearance, information will be presented that will state why it is in the children's best interest for them to live with you. If a judge is in favor of the information presented, your children will remain with you and your spouse will be granted time to spend with the children. Visitations can be set up during weekends, weekdays, and holidays. A judge will schedule visits that are fair to you and your spouse so that your children's bond remains intact with both of you.

Divorce Proceedings And Division Of Property

If you and your spouse are both seeking a divorce, your attorney will discuss the division of your property. If you wish to remain in the home or would like to keep your vehicle and basic furnishings, your attorney will help you retain the possessions. They will create a list of the items that you want to keep and will list items that will be given to your spouse. If you and your spouse would like to sell the home that you currently live in, preparations will be made to split the proceeds from the property so that you both will be provided with a monetary amount that is fair. 

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