Vacations are the time to kick back, let loose, and have fun. Sometimes, however, having fun can cause a lot of grief, especially when you consume alcohol and attempt to drive. If you've been charged with a DUI in a rental car while on vacation in a different state, you may be wondering about the legal ramifications you will face. Here's what you need to know. 

The police will alert the car rental company 

When someone gets a DUI when driving their personal vehicle, they are permitted to get their vehicle out of the impound lot after fees have been paid and the person has sobered up enough to drive. However, when you get a DUI in a rental car, you are not permitted to get the rental car out of the impound lot as your name is not on the registration. The police will have alerted the car rental company about your DUI and informed them of where the rental car is located. You may, however, be able to remove your personal possessions from the rental car with the supervision of a police officer or an impound lot attendant. 

Do not rent another rental car 

For the rest of your vacation, you will need to walk or use public transportation. Attempting to rent another rental car for the remainder of your vacation will result in a denial if you tell the truth about your recent DUI charge. Do not be tempted to keep it a secret. While it's true that your DUI charge may not have registered yet in the databases that car rental companies check, renting another car at this point without informing the rental company of your DUI charge could be considered fraud and you could be criminally charged, especially if you cause an accident or get arrested for another DUI. 

Do not drive your personal vehicle home from the airport 

When you return to the airport, have someone meet you there so they can drive your vehicle home. Depending on the state where you were charged and your state of residence, you may not be legally permitted to use your driving privileges. This is particularly true if the states are part of the Interstate Driver's License Compact. If you must drive home from the airport, only do so after speaking with an attorney who can inform you of the time frame in which you may be permitted to drive your vehicle as some states do not suspend driver's licenses immediately following a DUI charge. 

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