With the high rate of traffic accidents across the country, you need to be aware of what to expect if you are involved in one. By now, you probably realize that you will have to contact your insurance company and get the relevant information of the other vehicle, right? However, just as important as what to do is what not to do.

To avoid being blamed for the whole situation, you have to watch what you say!

Here are three important things not to say after a road collision. Always be sure that you speak with your car accident attorney, someone from a place like Loughlin Fitzgerald P C, first.

1. "Sorry"

At the top of the list is saying you are "sorry," which is a common mistake.

Quite often, everyone is standing around trying to figure out what happened. Suddenly, one of them recalls something they did wrong to partially cause the accident.They tell the others, "Hey, I am sorry about that."

This driver may still believe the other vehicle was in the wrong, but they accept their own part in not avoiding the collision. Nevertheless, that may not be how things appear during settlement conferences or in court. 

If you tell someone you are "sorry," they may believe you are accepting blame for everything that occurred, from start to finish. More than likely, their auto accident attorney and insurance company will gladly accept your statement as a confession of sole responsibility.

The rescue workers and bystanders can serve as witnesses to your unfortunate apology.

2. "I am Fine"

Likewise, you never want to tell people that you are completely fine. Instead, let them know that you are not sure and will have to seek professional medical advice.

Accident injuries can take time to fully materialize. Plenty of victims think all is well, say so in front of witnesses and then later realize they have suffered a concussion or whiplash. Guess, what? They have a much tougher time convincing the courts and insurance companies that it is not now all an elaborate ruse.

3. "I Did Not See You"

Last, but not least, never tell the other driver or an injured pedestrian that you did not see them before you have consulted with an experienced car accident attorney.

Of course, you might not have seen the victim. Nevertheless, your initial claim may be used against you.

Your lawyer may tell you that it is better for you to say, "I didn't see you becauseā€¦" and provide additional relevant information, such as, "you sped into the lane." But a blanket, "I did not see you," could be misconstrued by the opposition to mean you were not paying attention to the road.

Get Personal Injury Legal Advice Now

Always contact an experienced, compassionate auto accident attorney as soon as possible.

This legal professional, along with your attending physician, can begin documenting the severity of your injuries to get you recompense for the harm done.

Your attorney can also help you avoid making mistakes that the other driver will surely use to their advantage.