It can be extremely common for law firms to require the use of transcription services. These services are particularly useful during depositions and interviews where it is necessary to provide both the plaintiff and defendant's representation with the information. While transcription services can be indispensable for those in the legal profession, new attorneys are unlikely to have the experience or knowledge necessary to understand what they should expect from using transcription services.

Myth: There Is Always A Lengthy Delay To Get The Transcription Results

It is an unfortunate reality that many people may be under the impression that transcription services will always take a very long to be complete the work they are given. For those that work in legal or other time-sensitive industries, this can be unacceptable. Luckily, there are any transcription services that are able to offer their clients real-time transcription services. When using these services, a professional will be sent to the site where the meeting is being held. They will manually perform the transcription as the meeting unfolds. This is in contrast to services that will request a recording of the meeting be sent to the transcription office. It should be noted that the final version of the transcription may not be available immediately after the meeting as the raw transcription will need to be formatted so that it is easier to read. For most short and medium length meetings, this formatting should take less than a day, but it can vary from transcription service to service. 

Myth: It Is Extremely Expensive To Use A Transcription Service

Those that are new practicing attorneys may be extremely limited on the funds that they have available. This can be particularly true for civil attorneys that open private practices as much of their pay will be on a contingency basis. As a result, it may be tempting to avoid the expense of hiring a transcriptionist as it can be easy to assume that these services are always prohibitively expensive. Yet, the actual cost of using these services can vary greatly according to the complexity of the transcriptions needed. For example, a relatively short meeting between just two or three people will likely be far less expensive than longer meetings with many more people speaking. This is due to the fact that these services largely base their expenses on the number of words that are needing to be transcribed. Luckily, these providers can give you a quote so that you will know what you should expect to pay when using these services for your law career.