If you are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, the first thing you need to do is meet with the attorney. Your first meeting with the attorney will tell you a lot about your chances of winning the claim and if you have enough to move forward with a lawsuit. This is why it is important that you are prepared for your first meeting with the lawyer. Here are some things that you should bring with you to your first meeting.

1. Official Documents About The Accident Or Prior Incidents

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, it shouldn't become a "he said, she said" battle. This will weaken the credibility of your case, which is why having official documents is so helpful. The more documentation you can bring in to prove that you were wronged, the better. This is why when you first meet with the lawyer bring in everything you have to prove your case. This will help the lawyer know how solid your argument is. 

This could be police reports from an accident, any medical reports from an injury, even abuse or threat of harm. If there is any form or document that gives information of the accident, you should bring it.

2. Contracts Or Communication Between The Two Parties

If there was any sort of agreement or contract between you and the party that you are suing you should bring it. For example, if you had a contract with your neighbor, even if it was just email communication back and forth about a fence between the two yards, this could be helpful. Thus, you should bring in official contracts, phone messages, emails and any other information that you can give the attorney to let them know the relationship and the duty that you had with the other party.

3. Insurance Claims

Lastly, you should bring in any insurance claims you have made. In most cases you will make claims to the insurance first. For example, if you were in a car accident you probably filed a claim with your auto insurance and medical insurance to help pay for bills. These insurance claims will be helpful for two reasons. The first, the attorney will be able to tell if the insurance company is at fault in any way for not paying out according to the policy. Second, the medical bills will act as documentation for damages that should be put in the suit.

By understanding what to bring to your first appointment with the attorney you can be as prepared as possible. For more information, contact an attorney like Lawrence Ryder Litigation Law Professional Corporation family law.