If there was a collision that caused damage to your vehicle and property inside the vehicle, it can be very frustrating. Filing the claim might seem like a headache, but if you do it correctly, you will be able to be compensated for the damage. Here are some tips for filing the property damage claim.

Gather Evidence

The first step to filing a claim begins when you are first assessing the damage. Documentation of the event leading up to the property damage and evidence is essential for filing a claim. The insurance company needs to know exactly what happened and where it happened. Before moving your vehicle or having it towed away, take pictures of the scene. Get pictures of the other vehicles if they have not yet moved, and of your own vehicle. You want pictures of the scene, as well as the damage itself. Also make notes of what occurred with the current time just in case you forget details.

Get Information From the Driver

Hopefully the other driver that caused the damage has not fled the scene. If so, try to at least write down information about their vehicle and their physical description if you can. If they stuck around, get their contact information, as well as their insurance information. If they don't have their insurance card, ask them what the company is that they use and call them to find out their policy number. Also ask for contact information from any witnesses that you believe saw exactly what happened during the collision.

Call Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company next and tell them a collision has occurred that caused damage to your vehicle or property. Provide them with the information you have gathered so far. They may send out an insurance adjuster to your current location, but usually you can move your vehicle to your home, and they will send someone there to assess the damage. The insurance company will also give you instructions on how to file your claim.

When filling out your claim, make sure you are honest and detailed in your explanation. Include copies of photographs you have taken if they are requested. As long as you are not found to be at fault, the claim filing process should not be too complicated. If for some reason your claim is denied, contact a lawyer (such as one from Jagtoo and Jagtoo Barristers and Solicitors) to file an appeal. They will assist you with providing evidence that it was not your fault and guide you through the appeal process.