If you have created a will in the past, you probably haven't thought much else about it. However, you should know that your existing will might not be accurate for one reason or another. If you're unsure, look for these signs that you might need to talk to a lawyer about creating a new and updated will. Then, you can help ensure that your final wishes are respected when you do pass away.

You Have Acquired New Assets

If you have acquired new assets, such as if you have purchased a new home, then you should update your will to reflect it. Even if your will shows that you are leaving all of your belongings to a specific person, it's important to individually list large and valuable assets. Similarly, if you have sold a property that was once listed on your will, you should have it removed to ensure that there is no confusion in the future.

Your Will Was Not Prepared By a Lawyer

Some people write out their own wills, either with words of their own choosing or with will templates that they have found online. Although these wills are better than nothing, they can still provide a lot of loopholes for someone who is crafty and who wants to cause problems for your beneficiaries. Plus, it's a good idea for an attorney to have a copy of your will on file for future reference. If you did your own will, it's probably a good idea to take it to a lawyer to have it looked over and amended as necessary.

Your Will Was Not Notarized

A will does not have to be notarized, but it is a smart thing to do. Then, someone who might try to dispute your will or the authenticity of it will have a much more difficult time doing so. If you are concerned that there might be problems with your will after you pass away, or if you have a lot of valuable assets listed in your will, then it is smart to have it rewritten, signed and notarized in front of a notary public. It doesn't cost much, can provide you with peace of mind and can prevent a lot of problems in the future.

In some situations, it's a good idea to simply make a new and updated will. If you are in any of these situations, you should consider talking to a estates lawyer to find out more about making one.